About Our Nursery

Welcome to the Jack Rabbit Nursery website. We’re glad you’re here. Jack Rabbit Nursery has been growing quality plants for years. We have expanded to an online presence in an effort to streamline our process and offer our goods to a larger customer base.

Jack Rabbit Nursery specializes in ground covering, grasses and shrubs. If you are interested in a plant that we don’t have listed on our website, please send us an email. There is a great likelihood we can get the plant you need at a competitive price.

We only sell top-quality plants. Jack Rabbit Nursery handles each order with utmost care and never ships poor quality plants. Each lot is hand inspected by some of the best growers in the business. Our staff has decades of experience and pride themselves on the quality of plants they grow.

We have a dedicated team to provide the best service and handle your plants with the best care. Along with competitive pricing and great service, we provide top notch delivery to any wholesaler.

Why We're Unique

Jack Rabbit Nursery stands out as a unique plant supplier due to its commitment to quality and personalized service. Specializing in ground coverings, grasses, and shrubs, the nursery has expanded its reach with an online platform, allowing customers to access its quality plants from anywhere. What sets Jack Rabbit Nursery apart is its dedication to customer satisfaction; if customers need a plant that isn't listed on the website, they can simply email, and the nursery will work to find it at a competitive price. Each order undergoes rigorous inspection by experienced growers, ensuring only the best plants are shipped, reinforcing Jack Rabbit Nursery's reputation for top-quality products and excellent customer care.

What We Do

Jack Rabbit Nursery is a unique plant supplier offering wholesale plants, landscape design, and custom arrangements. Their specialization in ground coverings, grasses, and shrubs is complemented by an online platform, making it easy for customers to access quality plants. The nursery's personalized approach ensures that if customers need a specific plant, they can request it via email, and the nursery will find it at a competitive price. Each order is hand-inspected by experienced growers, guaranteeing top-quality plants. With decades of expertise, Jack Rabbit Nursery is committed to providing exceptional service and products.

Our Nursery

12091 US-165, Glenmora, LA 71433

Phone: 318-792-3129

Email: jackrabbitnursery@yahoo.com

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